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So I get on the subway this morning to go to work. During the morning and afternoon rush hours, seats are near impossible to find, which was the reason I was surprised to see several empty seats. Until the smell hit me, just as the doors shut. This was an express train so I was going to be stuck on it for a while. I walked down the car and discovered that the stench was coming from a single homeless person passed out on one of the seats. Now he didn't smell like he'd shit his pants, this was pure b.o. and it was incredibly pungent. It filled up the entire car. I had no idea that a human being could smell this bad.

Now, I'm not one of those people who hates homeless people. I understand that most homeless people aren't responsible for their situation. I mean, I don't give money to panhandlers, because here in New York they will follow you if you give them money, and I'm also a greedy fuck. But this was unbelievable. As we pulled into the next stop, half the people in the car were running out to get in another car.

To reach this point of deterioration of personal hygiene, I would venture to say that I am certain this guy was mentally ill. This got me to thinking, sometime in the 60s we stopped forcibly locking up the non-violent mentally ill, which is a good thing. But it seems like there are a lack of services for people who can't take care of themselves. The reason the services don't exist is because people ask, "Why should I have to pay for them?" A possible answer could be so that you don't have to smell them on the train in the morning (it was way to early to be dealing with something like that). But I digress, I'm a greedy fuck and I don't want to be parted in with my money either.
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