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Going to that bar-b-que in Sleepy Hollow yesterday made me realize that I really did love living there. I didn't notice at the time because it was so expensive and such a struggle to survive. Although Westchester county is so... vanilla and uptight... it truly is beautiful. The rolling hills the trees...

The thing I miss the most about Sleepy Hollow, is the Sleepy Hollow cemetery (Washington Irving is buried there). A lot of the individuals buried there don't deserve the tombs they have, but they are still something to see. For example a tomb with a statue of a woman throwing herself over it and weeping. Simply being wealthy enough to afford such a tomb is not a good enough reason to have such a tomb. You have to earn such a tomb. There are all sorts of crazy tombs in New Orleans, but all the interned have a story that earned it. But, alas, I am being judgmental. Perhaps I simply do not know the stories behind the tombs of Sleepy Hollow.
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Man cemeteries are great. I have so many great memories of drinking in cemeteries, walking around them at night, looking at tombs...

I wish there were some cemeteries safe enough to hang out in here. I mean, interesting NYC cemeteries that were safe enough to hang out in...
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